Rolex Sky-Dweller Fake 326934

Luxury Swiss Rolex Sky-Dweller Fake 326934 In Steel

Born in 2012, the Sky-Dweller is hailed as the most complex watch made by Rolex. And it can only be made of precious metals, so it doesn't sell as well as a stainless steel sports watch. A lot of people are saying that if it was made of steel, we'd definitely buy it, and in 2017, the Rolex fulfills that need. This year, Rolex released the Sky-Dweller watches made of steel, and we're going to break down the long-awaited Luxury Rolex watches.

Steel And Platinum

Strictly speaking, the Rolex Sky-Dweller fake 326934 isn't made entirely of 904L stainless steel. Because its fluted bezel is made of expensive white gold. White gold gives the watch a certain weight. The grooves as well as the polished finish give off a dazzling shine. But the addition of white gold is that this stainless steel Rolex watch is priced above the average sports watch.


The date inside the blue dial is automatically changed according to the number of days in that particular month. The designers of fake Rolex Watches found that the 12 months of the year corresponded to the 12 hour markers on the dial. So they put the month window above the bar hour mark. That's why there's an eccentric dial placed inside the dial. The eccentric dial shows us the time in the second time zone. The skeletonized design of the hour and minute hands is also filled with luminous materials.

Calibre 9001

At the heart of the Sky-Dweller is the 9001 movement. This movement is also the biggest innovation of Rolex, which uses the fewest parts but offers the most complex movement. the 9001 movement holds at least 11 patents. The complex movement with its complex bezel efficiently alters the information inside the dial. If you're confused about how to use the bezel, then you can search on Google.

The most ingenious display of the month is the Sky-Dweller highlight. This almost steel Sky-Dweller is the cheapest Rolex Sky-Dweller fake luxury watches out there. Of course it's also one of the most talked about Rolex knock off watches. If you're looking for Rolex watches, this website is a great choice.