Mercy High School Service Program

“God does not look at the action but at the spirit motivating it.”

Venerable Catherine McAuley



Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, dedicated her life to working with those less fortunate than her.

In honor and emulation of her, the service program at Mercy:

  • Seeks to have students “go out into the community” as Catherine McAuley did, to help those who are in need: children, the poor, the elderly, the abused, the homeless, and to those whose rights have been compromised.
  • Believes that community service is a fundamental part of being a Christian, and it is deeply rooted in the Gospel tradition.
  •  Encourages students to make volunteerism a part of their ongoing lifestyle, not only because it transforms society, but because it enriches and nourishes our spirits.

Parental/Guardian Involvement

Parents/guardians are encouraged to assist their daughters in choosing suitable areas of service which “serve the poor and needy members of society” in a way that liberates them and calls forth their full potential. As parents/guardians, your involvement in monitoring your daughter’s outreach activities is of great importance.

Mercy Community Service Awards

The Mother Frances Ward – American Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy Award of Service to Others is presented each year to a Freshwoman, Sophomore and Junior who has completed the highest number of documented service hours for that year.

The Catherine McAuley Compassionate Service Award is presented each year to a senior who has completed the highest number of documented service hours accumulated over her four years at Mercy.

Community Service Requirements for Graduation

Each student is required to complete 100 hours of community service in order to graduate from Mercy High School. The hours must be approved and accepted by either the Campus Minister or the Theology teacher.

Freshwomen and Sophomores must complete 25 hours by the end of each of those years so that they are on track towards the 100 hours necessary for graduation.

Service Program – x2VOL

Mercy implemented an online tracking and reporting system for all service hours called x2VOL that will be accessible through Naviance Student. This system allows us to eliminate our paper forms and centralize the information. The x2VOL program allows our students to enter their service hours online at any time, as well as check for any volunteer opportunities and sign up for them, receive reminders about the opportunities and print a service hour log that can be used for college applications.

Training of the Freshwomen and transfer students begins in September. After they have been trained, it will be the responsibility of the students to keep up with the x2VOL program.  Transfer students are expected to meet with the Campus Minister to discuss this new program.   Of course the students may go to Ms. Derbacher at any time to be retrained or given help with the x2VOL process.

The online forms are to be used only by the incoming Freshwomen and transfer students.   Information about the x2Vol program can be found by pulling down the student heading and going to Community Service. The form is at the end of the explanation of the program.

Ms. Derbacher, Campus Minister, is always available for questions concerning the program.  You can contact her by emailing her at with your questions or comments. 

Implementation of x2VOL

Mercy High School Community Service

 Instructions for Recording Service Hours 


INCOMING FRESHWOMEN – Class of 2022 and Transfer Students

Because you will not be entered into the computer system until you arrive at Mercy, please use the following instructions for recording your Service Hours over the summer.

·         Complete the Service Record Sheet found on the website. 

For Incoming Freshwomen  (and Transfer Students) 
(Click here for form) 

·         Keep the Service Record Sheet of paper until you report to your Theology class in September.

·         You will be instructed on how to use our x2VOL service hour paperless system
at the beginning of the school year.

·         If you have any questions, please email Ms. Derbacher at


SOPHOMORES -  Class of 2021

A reminder of how to access x2VOL:

Go to

Username:  enter your first initial last name year of graduation and

Password:  Your Student ID number followed by your initials


JUNIORS – Class of 2020

A reminder of how to access x2VOL:

Go to

Username:  enter your first initial last name year of graduation and

Password:  Your Student ID number followed by your initials


SENIORS – Class of 2019

A reminder of how to access x2VOL:

Go to

Username:  enter your first initial last name year of graduation and

Password:  Your Student ID number followed by your initials



Some of the Acceptable Areas of Service Outside of Mercy:

Assisting with food drives outside of Mercy
Volunteering at a soup kitchen
Church service such as: altar serving, choir member, CCD Assistant or teacher,    bingo, helping out at fairs, bake sales, etc.
Junior counselors at vacation bible school camps, swimming camps, girl scout camps, town park and recreation camps and sport camps.
Animal shelters
Hospitals and nursing homes
Assisting at elementary, preschool and middle schools
Local libraries and museums
Visiting the elderly in nursing homes
The Red Cross/Cancer/Heart/Leukemia/Muscular Dystrophy/Multiple Sclerosis, etc. Societies.

Of course if you are not sure about the acceptability of the type of service, again contact Ms. Derbacher at

 Some of the Acceptable Areas of Service at Mercy:

Mercy Golf Classic volunteer
Yellow Rose Auction volunteer
Report Card Night Guide
Mercy Open House Volunteer
Mini Class Night Guide
Manager for a sports team – see Mr. Kohs
Library volunteer
Athletic Department volunteer
School Counseling Department volunteer
Alumnae/Development Office volunteer

Other volunteer opportunities will be posted on x2VOL. The Campus Minister and the Theology teachers will provide suggestions and opportunities for community outreach on a continual basis on x2VOL., in the classroom and on the bulletin board outside the Campus Ministry Office.

Nonprofit organizations will be posting their service opportunities on x2VOL during the school year.

Please contact Ms. Ann Derbacher, Campus Minister/Theology Department Chairperson and  x2VOL Community Service Coordinator with any further questions.




School Cancellation and Remote Learning Information 
Mercy High School is closed March 16 - May 20, 2020


Registration for summer programs continues.  
If any program is not held on campus or remotely, refunds will be granted.  
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