Advent Mass and Breakfast

Mercy and Xavier students and their families are invited to attend Mass at Mercy and enjoy a full complimentary breakfast hosted by the Mercy Home and School Association.

The Offertory Collection goes to Mercy Housing and Shelter’s Family Program to help the homeless in our state of Connecticut.

RSVP’s are needed for planning purposes. Please contact the office at 860-347-8957 or email


Education Raffle


"There is no better cause than education."


The winner is...Ticket #156

Thank you to all who participated and supported Mercy High School



Mercy Classic Golf Tournament

Thank you for your support!                Click here to view photos! 



Rewards and Memberships

Welcome to the Rewards and Memberships Page.Here you will find many
ways to help support Mercy by doing the things you normally do.... like shopping!
Do you purchase items from Amazon?  Use the AmazonSmile link.....
Going forward, please use the Amazon Smile website to make your purchases instead of the generic link.This charitable gift program is designed to give .5% on your purchase price to the
charity of your choice. Here's how you do it....
  • Use this link to log on to AmazonSmile. Use your existing Amazon username and password.
  • Type in Mercy High School Corp as you charity of choice.
  • Now shop.....It couldn't be easier and Mercy benefits. Amazon will send a check to Mercy at the end of the year just by using,

Do you shop for groceries at one of these stores?   

Use your existing rewards cards and Mercy will receive scholastic points from the following stores! 

This will allow Mercy to access the educational catalog for school supplies and materials. You keep your points

and we get educational points too!


Download the Mercy Membership Form, fill it out with your store numbers, and return it to the Mercy Advancement Office!

Thank you for sharing!



 If you have any questions please contact the Advancement Office by phone or email.

Office Phone: 860-347-8957



The Mercy Experience Ad Book 


The Mercy Experience Book is published each year and distributed to the Mercy Community in the spring.  It contains information and photos on the academics, athletics, and activities of the students, including their individual accomplishments.

In addition, the Mercy Experience includes paid advertisements from parents and businesses.  Many parents submit personal photos and loving messages to their daughter(s).  The senior class receives the book first, at their Class Night in May, and reads the messages from their parents.  Underclasswomen receive the book the following day to read and take home. 

Business advertisements are solicited and printed in The Mercy Experience.  There is a wide choice of ad sizes available.  The Mercy community is asked to support the businesses that support the school.



Magazine Drive 

Although Mercy students will not be participating in a magazine and gift/food drive this fall you may still order at any time during the year and 40% of your order benefits the school.  You can order a new magazine, or renew an existing subscription, order gifts or food items all year long.  Subscription prices will be very comparable to renewal prices on existing subscriptions.

To place an order, go to then select Shop Now and choose Mercy High School, School ID#2584548.  Select the magazines/items you would like and place your order. The school will benefit by receiving 40% of whatever you pay for your order!

That’s all there is to it!  You will receive your magazines/items directly from the publisher.  Proceeds from your order will be sent to Mercy and directly benefit the programs and students.

Please contact the Advancement Office at or (860) 347-8957 if you have any questions.


Join us for our 2019 Open House 

for transfer students and middle school aged girls and families
Sunday, November 3 at 1:00 pm 


     Entrance Exams for the Class of 2024