Welcome to the Rewards and Memberships Page.Here you will find many
ways to help support Mercy by doing the things you normally do.... like shopping!
Do you purchase items from Amazon?  Use the AmazonSmile link.....
Going forward, please use the Amazon Smile website to make your purchases instead of the generic
Amazon.com link.This charitable gift program is designed to give .5% on your purchase price to the
charity of your choice. Here's how you do it....
  • Use this link to log on to smile.amazon.com.... AmazonSmile. Use your existing Amazon username and password.
  • Type in Mercy High School Corp as you charity of choice.
  • Now shop.....It couldn't be easier and Mercy benefits. Amazon will send a check to Mercy at the end of the year just by using smile.amazon.com,

Do you shop for groceries at one of these stores?  

Use your existing rewards cards and Mercy will receive scholastic points from the following stores! 

This will allow Mercy to access the educational catalog for school supplies and materials. You keep your points

and we get educational points too!


Download the Mercy Membership Form, fill it out with your store numbers, and return it to the Mercy Advancement Office!

Thank you for sharing!



 If you have any questions please contact the Advancement Office by phone or email.

Office Phone: 860-347-8957

Email: advancement@mercyhigh.com