Summer 2022 - Assignments for Mercy Students  

Students often forget valuable information and material that was taught during the school year over their summer break. At our Catholic high school, we believe that summer assignments are beneficial as they keep students busy and help refresh and refine skills that are used during the school year. Teachers may give out assignments to cover material, practice skills that will be used, or preview content that will be covered during the course. These summer assignments help students work on their own terms. It pushes students to get things done within a deadline and helps them retain the information.

Completing a small amount of work every few days over the summer will prepare students for their courses the following school year. Since we offer college preparatory programs, most of these courses require summer assignments to begin learning the material. 


Please click the links below to access the appropriate summer assignments.  All students have assignments in English and Theology, Advanced Placement classes and Geometry Honors students can also find links to their summer work below.  If you have any questions please email Mrs. Bullock at  who can connect you with the appropriate teacher.