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Summer Assignments 2018

School Wide Reading Assignment:

Nurturing Healing Love by Scarlett Lewis

ISBN  978-140194423-0



AP Students: continuously check your Mercy email throughout the summer for notifications and assignments. 


Freshwomen All Levels
Sophomore All Levels
Junior AP
Junior Honors and ACP
Senior AP 
Senior Honors and ACP


Honors Geometry
AP Calculus
AP Statistics

AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
AP Bio

Social Studies:
AP Euro
AP World
APUSH - Research Proposal 

Freshwomen: Read the book  Mercy in the City by Kerry Webber   Loyola press  ISBN 978-0-8294-3892-5 
 (assignment will be posted later this summer)  Click here for your assignment

Sophomores:  Read the book The Shack by William P, Young ISBN 0-9647292-3-7
Be prepared for a test on the book at the beginning of school.

Juniors: Read the book  Out from the Shadows, They Come by Kathleen Galvin Grimaldi ISBN 13-978-1524691943   Click here for your assignment. 

Seniors: Read the book Franny and Zoey by J,D, Salinger ISBN. 13-9780316769495  
Click here for your assignment.

World Language:
AP Spanish