Summer Classes and Programs for the
Class of 2023, 2024 and 2025


AP Skills Prep

July 11 - July 15   9 am - 12 pm
AP Skills Prep, a 1-week summer enrichment course, will highlight some of the important skills the College Board expects its Advanced Placement students to have mastered. It is open to any student taking an AP course for the first time. Topics covered during the summer will include time management skills, answering multiple choice questions, and the development of analytical writing. Students will also have time to begin their summer assignments.

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Technology Fundamentals

July 11- 29, 2022

                        Morning Session 8 a.m.–10 a.m.  

                       Afternoon Session 12:30 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

Technology Fundamentals is a required ½ credit course that provides students with foundation in technology that they will need to be successful in their academic programs.


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Mercy Learning Online
Courses and Descriptions

June 13 – July 15, 2022

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About MLOL Courses: Mercy Learning Online courses are asynchronous. Students may access and complete material within the course session to accommodate their summer schedule; however, they must adhere to assignment due dates.  All students participating in MLOL will be enrolled in an online orientation course. This will help them understand the expectations of the MLOL program and course and navigate Schoology (the platform used to deliver online courses) to access and submit assignments.

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American Government   N-SS01
In this ½ credit course, students will study the foundation, theory, structure and process of American government. Students will analyze the Constitution. Students will learn the branches of government and their roles and functions. Through exploration of current governmental issues, public policy and the responsibilities of citizenship, students will further develop their skills of critical analysis.

Anatomy   N-S02
In this ½ credit course, lessons include an introduction to anatomy including language, organ systems, and types of tissues; study of the skeletal and muscular systems; study of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems; study of the digestive and nervous systems; and study of the urinary system and reproductive systems. Each lesson includes material to read and sites to access for information. Assignments require writing, analysis, critical thinking, and demonstration of core knowledge and concepts.

Art History   N-A01
In this ½ credit course, students will study the visual arts in historical and cultural contexts. Study ranges from Prehistoric through Egyptian Art up to Modern Art. Each topic includes information on the time period, its characteristics, key artists and key works. Students will further develop their skills of critical analysis and be encouraged to strengthen and deepen appreciation for the arts.

Astronomy & Cosmology   N-S03
Humans have gazed into the sky for thousands of years pondering how our lives have connected to the sun, moon, and stars. Through the science of astronomy, we now know that our connection to the Universe goes deeper than our ancestors could imagine. From Einstein’s theory of relativity to the exploration of the delicate relationship between our Earth and the Sun, this course explores some of the major discoveries in astronomy and cosmology. Topics to be covered during this ½ credit course include the history of the telescope, The Big Bang Theory, stellar evolution, comets and asteroids, planets and moons, astrobiology, black holes and quasars, and the role of Catholicism in science and the exploration of space.

Creative Writing   N-E05
½ credit course 
Creative Writing is a form of art and personal expression. Writing expands one's understanding of the world, its people, and oneself. This Creative Writing course is designed to aid students in their creative expression, as well as delivery of one's writing. Students will read and engage in activities/assignments about the craft of writing while also creating their own work. This new knowledge will be used to complete the required assignments. This course provides students the opportunity to create original forms of descriptive writing, poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction. Creative writing techniques and skills will be explored and applied.

Digital Marketing   N-BT01
½ credit course-
This performance-based course introduces students to the components of marketing, which utilize internet and online-based digital technologies and platforms to promote products and services. Students will learn the principles and design skills to digitally create advertisement layouts, websites, mobile app design, and social media campaigns. Units of study include: Basics of Marketing and Promotion, Digital Advertising and Ethics, Layout and Page Design, Mobile App Design, Social Media Campaign, and Website Design.

Economics   N-SS02
In this ½ credit course, students will study basic economic theory. Moreover, they will learn to apply basic economic concepts to real-world issues and problems. Knowledge of fundamental principles and application of theory will be addressed. Through this application, students will further develop their skills of critical analysis.

Fitness   N-P01
In this ½ credit course, the components of fitness, the F.I.T.T. principle and developing a personal fitness plan, fitness and safety, and healthy eating are the lessons included. Students will further develop their skills of critical analysis and be encouraged to strengthen and deepen appreciation for the need for fitness.

Global Affairs   N-SS10
In this ½ credit course students will explore a number of critical issues that face the global community. Topics will be chosen from historical and current economic, geographic, cultural and political issues. Study will focus on developing critical thinking skills.

Health   N-SP01
In this ½ credit course, students will learn about and research contemporary health issues. Students will be able to apply practices and habits that will enhance their general health. Using the four domains (physical, social, emotional, and intellectual) of health, students will be able to specify healthy and unhealthy practices within each domain. By recognizing and critically analyzing current health problems for adolescents, students will discover prevention techniques and solutions to implement into their own lives.

Introduction to Psychology   N-SS03
In this ½ credit course, the focus will be on learning basic theories and principles of psychology. Major areas of the study of psychology will be considered. In exploring these areas, students will learn that the study of behavior and mental processes is extensive, interesting relative to everyday life. This course shall consider the areas of: Developmental Psychology, Learning/Cognition, Emotion/Motivation, Abnormal Psychology/Treatments, and Social Psychology. Students will further develop their skills of critical analysis and be encouraged to strengthen and deepen their understanding of the field of psychology

Speech   N-A03
In this ½ credit course, students will study the basic principles, components, and skills of effective speaking and listening. Study will include research, writing, speaking, listening, and evaluating. Students will study effective uses of rhetoric and persuasion.

Street Law   N-SS09
In this ½ credit course, students will explore the knowledge and skills necessary to live in a lawful society. Topics will include the differences in Civil and Criminal law. A variety of resources will be used to enhance learning. This course is designed for students with an interest in the law and in a study ofsociety.