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Celebrating the Women We Have Become

“At Mercy, we know that we will gain a great education as well as friends that will last a lifetime.” - Mercy Student

Class Reunions

In 2017, reunions are organized for Class Years ending with a “2” or a “7.”

Some volunteers have already stepped forward to help plan reunions.  Thank you! But, more are needed. Most of the busy work (invitations, RSVP's, reserving location, etc.) necessary to prepare for reunions is handled by the Office of Alumnae.  We need your help to decide how and when to celebrate and to help spread the word. That doesn't sound hard, does it?  That's because it's not! If you are interested in having a say about your class reunion, please email the Director of Alumnae, Barbara Miller at .  You may also call her at 860-347-8957.

Reunions are always a lot of fun.  You’d be surprised how the years melt away!   We hope you can join us!

Reunion booklets are published for each event and feature news of classmates and historical documents.   While they are distributed at each reunion, we do mail them to everyone in the class who could not attend.  Be sure to update your life story online at Update us about your life since Mercy!.

Upcoming Reunions: 


Class of 1991 Mercy and Xavier 25th Reunion
Saturday, October 15, 2016, 6:00 – 10:00 p.m
Herd Restaurant - 200 Main Street, Middletown
$50 per person, includes dinner, dessert, beer/wine and soda

If you are interested in attending and have not registered, please contact:
Jordana Zaratiegui Geeser - Jordana.geeser@gmail.com
Meredith Winsch Heyde - mereaprn@charter.net

Reunion Website Page
Facebook Event Page



 Class Reunion Updates and Class Briefs 


Class of 1976 - Mercy/Xavier 40th Class Reunion - Photo Gallery

Class of 1974 - Mercy/Xavier 40th Class Reunion -                                                                                                       Photo Gallery

Class of 1973 - Photo Gallery

Members of the Class of 1973 gathered at Mercy on Saturday, November 9, 2013 for a student led tour of the school and shopping at the Book Store to pick up some new Mercy attire! They moved on to Esca Restaurant for a fun 40 year reunion, catching up on each others lives and making new memories.

Class of 1988 - Mercy/Xavier Reunion
               Class Briefs 

Mercy and Xavier held a joint 25 year reunion on Saturday, October 19, 2013 at The Gelston House Restaurant. Laughter and memories were shared all night long!

Class of 2008  


Class of 1967 -  Class Briefs

Class of 1968 -

45 years after graduation, the Class of 1968 came together again to celebrate their 45 year reunnion and fun was had by all! The event was held at Esca Restaurant on Saturday, November 23, 2013.

Class of 1977 -  Class Briefs

Class of 1978 -  Class Briefs

Class of 1982 -  Class Briefs


Class of 1987 - Class Briefs

Members of the Class of 1987 gathered on August 11 for a day filled with fun and memories.  Some took advantage of all Cave Hill Resort had to offer family members and friends.   They were joined by more classmates at Esca Restaurant that evening for good and plenty food and chat time.  A good time was had by all!

Class of 1992  - Class Briefs

The Class of 1992 had a memorable time at Mercy on Saturday, October 6.  Approximately 80 people were in attendance, including faculty Sr. Mary, Buff Bachenheimer, Jackie Ceberek Marie Grassi and Ann Derbacher.  The girls had fun walking the halls of Mercy and taking pictures by old lockers and other favorite places.  Dave Walker, Xavier ‘92 did a phenomenal job of catering the event.  Thanks to all for a wonderful evening! 


Class of 1993 -

The Class of 1993 started the evening of Saturday, September 28, 2013 by gathering at Mercy for a student led tour of the school and shopping at the School Store, in celebration of their 20 year reunion. The evening continued at Esca Restaurant with plenty of time to reminisce!

Class of 1997 - Class Briefs

Class of 1998 -The Class of 1998 celebrated their 15 year reunion at Esca Restaurant on Saturday, November 16, 2013. They enjoyed catching up and renewing old friendships.

Class of 2002 - Class Briefs 


Class of 2007 - Class Briefs

The Class of 2007 got together at Mezzo Grille in Middletown on Saturday, September 1.  A great time was had by all!!