Mission Statement 

Mercy High School is a Christ-centered Catholic diocesan college preparatory high school for young women. In the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy and their Foundress, Catherine McAuley, each student is challenged to grow academically, emotionally, socially, aesthetically and spiritually.  Each student is encouraged to recognize the abilities and strengths that will enable her to achieve her potential.  The Mercy charism inspires students to respect the dignity of others and to provide leadership and service that foster community, understanding and compassion in local and global environments. Mercy is committed to providing a challenging educational experience in a safe and nurturing environment. The school responds to individual needs and provides students with the technological and social skills needed in the 21st Century.


Mercy High School offers a disciplined academic environment and a sound liberal arts background that prepare graduates for college and career pursuits. Spiritual growth is nourished by a program which integrates religious studies and experiences to encourage community spirit and service to others. Opportunities for a wide variety of extracurricular activities also contribute to the total learning experience.

 The diversity of the Mercy experience contributes to the total educational process. Each student is provided with a variety of opportunities to:

• Strengthen her relationship with God and cultivate an appreciation for Christian values
   and ideals of social justice

• Develop an appreciation and respect for self which encourage her to maintain spiritual, physical,   
   emotional and mental health, and foster a sense of her full human dignity

• Accept her responsibility to protect the environment and improve the quality of all life

• Realize her strengths as a woman in today’s diverse society

• Develop her ability to communicate effectively, think critically and learn independently

• Develop an appreciation of the arts and recognize the intrinsic value of creative expression

• Recognize, develop and demonstrate both leadership and cooperation to achieve goals

• Experience a safe and nourishing environment

• Cultivate global social awareness and commitment to responsible citizenship

• Develop the technological skills necessary to excel in our changing world

• Complete her secondary education with the capability to pursue higher education and realize a 
   fulfilling career

Strategic Plan

Mercy High School has been guided by strategic plans since 1994. The most recent strategic plan was developed in September, 2017. Progress on the plan is updated and reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees.

Strategic Planning Goals 2017-2020

Goal 1: Mercy High School will sustain a value and faith based community focused environment, founded on the Mercy values and tradition. 

Goal 2: Mercy High School will continue to be a cutting edge educational institution.

Goal 3: Mercy High School will continue to be a highly regarded, innovative, competitive progam for young women. 

Goal 4: Mercy High School will maximize a state of the art facility.

Goal 5: Mercy High School will increase financial  stability. 

Goal 6: Mercy High School will develop a broad based network to support students and alumane.

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