2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Mrs. Joanne Bentley P '08, '11
Senior Director
Business Operations Yale University
Atty. Meghan Carta '07
Sullivan & Griffith, LLP
Sr. Patricia Corley, CND
Retired President
Notre Dame Academy of Staten Island
Ms. Alissa DeJonge '95
Sr. Kathleen Kelly, RSM
Fr. Peter Langevin
Diocese of Norwich
Mr. Kevin Leahy P '19
President & CEO
Connecticut Wealth Management
Ms. Janet Marciniec '77, P '18
Business Owner and Entrepreneur
FoodFix Hospitality Group, LLC
Tayna Oliver-Perry '78, P '10
Assistant Finance Director
City of Middletown
Hugh D. Pearson P '08, '11
Architect Emeritus
Laurie Sablak '86
Director, The Hartford
General Liability and Umbrella Product Underwriting
Middle and Large Commercial
Erron Smith
Associate Director, Business Development
Mary-Beth McDowell Valk '04
Vice Chairperson
Director of Wedding Planning
Connecticut Wedding Group
Sr. Georgeann Vumbaco, RSM '67
Pastoral Associate Our Lady of Angels, Meriden
Ms. Lisa Wills
CPA, Partner
Holyoke, Hartford