2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Mrs. Joanne Bentley P '08, '11
Senior Director
Business Operations Yale University
Atty. Meghan Carta '07
Sullivan & Griffith, LLP
Sr. Patricia Corley, CND
Retired President
Notre Dame Academy of Staten Island
Ms. Alissa DeJonge '95
Sr. Kathleen Kelly, RSM
Fr. Peter Langevin
Diocese of Norwich
Mr. Kevin Leahy P '19
President & CEO
Connecticut Wealth Management
Ms. Janet Marciniec '77, P '18
Business Owner and Entrepreneur
FoodFix Hospitality Group, LLC
Tayna Oliver-Perry '78, P '10
Assistant Finance Director
City of Middletown
Hugh D. Pearson P '08, '11
Architect Emeritus
Laurie Sablak '86
Director, The Hartford
General Liability and Umbrella Product Underwriting
Middle and Large Commercial
Erron Smith
Associate Director, Business Development
Mary-Beth McDowell Valk '04
Vice Chairperson
Director of Wedding Planning
Connecticut Wedding Group
Sr. Georgeann Vumbaco, RSM '67
Pastoral Associate Our Lady of Angels, Meriden