Graduation Requirements

All students must complete at least 25 credits for graduation. In addition to credits earned in religious studies and physical education, all Mercy students are expected to complete the following:

English: a minimum of 4 credits

Mathematics: a minimum of 3 credits, recommended 4 credits

Science: a minimum of 3 credits, recommended 4 credits

Social Studies: a minimum of 3 credits, recommended 4 credits. Social Studies credits include 1 credit in U.S. History and ½ credit in civics/government.

World Language: a minimum of 2 credits, recommended 3-4 credits

Technology: a minimum of ½ credit

Health: ½ credit

All students must also fulfill the required service hours in order to graduate. Seniors are required to pass all courses during senior year in order to receive a diploma from Mercy High School.

All freshwomen take a minimum of 6.5 credits. Sophomores take a minimum of 6.5 credits. Juniors take a minimum of 6.25 credits, and Seniors take a minimum of 5.75 credits.

Students may select additional elective course(s) for a maximum of seven credits each year. These additional electives will be scheduled as class size and available periods permit. Mercy High School reserves the right to cancel any course for which there is insufficient enrollment or any other program-related difficulty. In this case the student will be notified and given the chance to choose another course.