Welcome Parents!

Whether your daughter currently attends Mercy High School or is contemplating enrolling, welcome to the Mercy community! Mercy partners with parents to ensure that their daughter’s high school experience includes an excellent college preparatory program, dedicated and accomplished faculty and staff, opportunities to strengthen their faith, outstanding guidance and counseling services, and a broad range of clubs, programs, and social activities - all in a safe, caring and nurturing community.

As a Mercy parent:

  • You will share Mercy’s hopes and expectations for your daughter and support her four-year journey.
  • You are invited to become an active member of your own community of Mercy parents. All parents have the opportunity to volunteer and attend social events with other parents. 
  • You and your daughter will enjoy special Mercy traditions such as the annual Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Daughter Mass and Brunch, Advent Family Mass and Breakfast, Grandparents Day, Junior Ring Mass and Celebration, Baccalaureate, and Graduation.
  • You can be sure that Mercy will communicate what you need to know about your daughter’s school life. The school uses a wide variety of communications tools to easily stay in touch with Mercy about your daughter’s busy life.
  • You will have numerous opportunities for face-to-face communication and sharing with administrators, faculty members, counselors, and coaches, such as Open House, Mini-Class Night, Report Card Night, Guidance and Counseling Informational Programs, and individual meetings with administration, faculty members, and counselors when needed.


We hope that you will help  promote service, confidence, ethical leadership and respect in your daugher, alongside us. Through fundraisers and various volunteer opportunities, we hope you will take the time to help our top-rated high school thrive and becomes a place where your daughter feels safe, appreciated, and prepared for life after high school. For more information about our school, please call us today. 




The last three months at Mercy have been busy, but they have also been eye-opening. Since the first day of school to this past weekend, so many of you have given to Mercy in so many ways. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for Mercy High School and the talented women we serve.
Without you, a Catholic education would be impossible for so many.
If you're able to give this #GivingTuesday you can support Mercy by clicking here!
Thank you Mercy community.
We appreciate everything you do to make our school something more.