Students applying for the Class of 2025 are invited to complete the following steps:

1. Create an account and complete the online Application for Admission

2. Complete the Records Release Form.  Complete this form and give it to the student's current school Principal or School Guidance Counselor. He or she will send the records and transcripts directly to Mercy.  

3. Teacher Recommendation Forms. Forms for recommendations including Math and World Language are available on the admissions portal. Teacher recommendations are required for students currently taking Algebra 1 and/or Spanish, French, Italian or Latin, and would like to be recommended for Geometry or a second year of a World Language.   

4.  Register for the Mercy High School Entrance Exam here

5.  When all components including online application, Records Release Form, Teacher Recommendations, and Entrance Exam are complete students will be contacted regarding their acceptance status in the mail in mid-December.  The deadline for complete applications (Online Application, Entrance Exam, Records and Recommendations) are due November 30, 2020.  Applications received after November 30th will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Questions please contact the Director of Admissions.

Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer to Mercy High School into the Classes of 2022, 2023 & 2024 are invited follow the process outlined below.

1.  Create an account and complete the online Application for Admission.

2.  Complete the Records Release Form.  Complete the form and give it to the student's current school Principal or School Guidance Counselor.  He or she will send the records directly to Mercy. 

3.  Contact the Director of Admissions to schedule a meeting. Transfer students are not required to take the Entrance Exam.

Mercy High School is proud of its legacy of being an exceptional institution offering a college prepatory program and a catholic high school education that gives each student more than they could ask for. Mercy High school also has a notable reputation as a top-ranked privated high school in Middlesex County, Hartford County, and New Haven County, CT. We look forward to reviewing your application!






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Current 7th grade girls:  Click here to register for the Pre-HSPT Exam

The pre-HSPT Exam for the Class of 2026 will be held virtually on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 9 a.m.