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Security Officer   Part-time position


TITLE: Mercy High School Security Officer (downloadable description)

REPORTS TO: Security Consultant and Principal of Student Life
Mercy is looking to hire a part-time Security Officer to monitor the interior and exterior of the building at various times throughout the day and evening. Mercy has safety measures in place and the Security Officer would be instrumental in providing additional security coverage around the campus to ensure a safe school environment.  The purpose of this Security Officer is to provide Mercy with a security presence on campus, allowing a personal safety to its staff, students and visitors. The Mercy Security Officer shall recognize the school’s mission and join the school in meeting its goals and objectives.



  • Provide a security presence/guidance for school employees, students and visitors of the campus  
  • Recognizing any potential hazards and/or unusual circumstances which may reduce the likelihood of any threat
  • Recognize, report and conduct an initial investigation into any suspicious matter(s) on, or around the campus
  • Be a main point of contact to the local police department and/or fire department during any unusual incident or during any matters of public safety
  • Provide parking lot security to ensure proper traffic flow after school hours and while large events are taking place on the campus
  • Conduct foot patrols of hallways, assembly areas and the exterior grounds, including fields and parking lots
  • Recognize potential on-site conflicts and intervene when deemed necessary
  • Monitor students, staff and visitors who attempt to enter the school after hours
  • May be asked to document any unusual circumstance(s) which may result in administrative/police involvement
  • Shall wear the appropriate dress attire and/or uniform that clearly identifies you as the Mercy Security Officer
  • Communicates in an appropriate and professional manner with Mercy staff, students, parents and visitors
  • Assists in maintaining order on campus allowing a safe and positive atmosphere
  • Remain on campus during your hours of work
  • May be assigned a school radio and/or cellphone to communicate with other Mercy employees to address any incident
  • Provide professional guidance to any staff, student or visitor who may be in need
  • Meet or exceed the expectations of the Mercy rules and regulations
  • Be professional, kind and courteous when interacting with anyone during the course of your duty
  • May be assigned to escort any person(s) to their vehicle and/or bus

*This is not all inclusive.  This Security Officer may be asked to perform additional functions in which the school administration may deem necessary in meeting the school’s safety goals and objectives.


  • Must be 21 years old
  • Must have a valid CT driver’s license
  • High School Diploma or equivalent. Associate or Bachelor degree desired.
  •  Successful experience in law enforcement or related field experience
  •  Must be able to clearly communicate with others and demonstrate                   productive verbal skills and instructions
  • Must be able to read, write and use a computer and have the ability to properly document any incident
  • Must be able to adhere to the MERCY standards of mask wearing and social distancing rules
  • Must be able to stand, walk, sit for periods of time, drive a vehicle and lift light to medium sized objects
  • Apply principles of rationale systems to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables.
  • Must demonstrate listening and comprehending ability
  • Must have effective “people skills” and be trained/versed in de-escalation techniques
  • Must be able to work in both inside and outside working conditions.
  • Must have the ability to walk/stand for long periods of time while conducting foot patrol during the course of their assignment.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and ability to handle multiple, simultaneous responsibilities in possible stressful situations

Hours of work


*subject to change depending on after-school activities


Salary range of $18-$25 per hour depending upon experience

Per diem employee/No benefit package available for this position

Application Opening Date 10/1/21

Accepted Applicants will be subject to an interview and background check

Please send resumes to mbergan@mercyhigh.com