Request a Transcript

Alumnae can request official transcripts of their academic records. To request a copy of a transcript, complete the Transcript Request Form. The form can be completed online, sent via fax or mailed to:

Mercy High School
School Counseling/Guidance Department

1740 Randolph Road
Middletown, CT 06457-5155
Fax: 860.704.2346

Requests must be signed even if they are faxed. There is a $5.00 charge for transcripts, payable by check to Mercy High School. Request forms can also be completed at Mercy High School in the School Counseling Department. Phone requests cannot be accepted because of the signature requirement.

Alumnae can request that their transcripts be sent to themselves. However, such transcripts are stamped “unofficial”. Students are cautioned that some recipients will not accept transcripts that have not been sent directly from the school.

Official transcripts may be withheld by appropriate High School officials if some financial or other obligation to the High School remains unmet.

For questions, email