Educational Services

                              Academic Support

“A Mercy Woman knows that while you are within these walls you will not just learn Geometry and American History, but you will learn how to be a striving, successful, compassionate individual.” - Mercy Student

Mercy High School is a college prep high school and a compassionate community which takes pride in its ability to provide an educational experience that responds to individual needs. The students who typically do well at Mercy most often arrive with developed study habits and organizational skills. While some may struggle with the amount of course content and/or the learning process, students develop initiative and study habits through placement in appropriate academic level courses.

Students who need extra help in a particular subject may receive tutoring, either at their own request or upon the recommendation of a teacher. Both adult and Peer Tutors are available on a daily basis to provide academic support. A student who needs tutoring should speak with her teacher or counselor.

For those students who may need more specialized assistance, Mercy provides Academic Support classes, reasonable accommodations in taking tests and quizzes, and after school help from individual teachers. There is a full-time faculty member available to assist in meeting the needs of these students.

The Guidance and Counseling Department will assist the student and her family in every way possible, but Mercy does not offer Special Education Services, or the intense one-on-one tutoring in all subject areas that some students may require.