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“Mercy women know that an education is more than what we learn in text books. We know that you must not only think with your head but also with your heart.”
— Mercy Student 

Mercy High School

Mission Statement

Mercy High School provides a challenging college preparatory academic experience with a strong foundation of Catholic teachings, and traditions and values of the Sisters of Mercy, in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes service, confidence, ethical leadership and respect, encouraging each student to flourish individually while rooted in community.

At Mercy High School, young women receive an excellent education - and so much more! Mercy provides opportunities for students to:

  • Achieve academic potential
  • Exhibit leadership
  • Serve others
  • Grow spiritually
  • Take part in Girls Athletics

Join Us At Our All Girls High School

If you are looking for an all girls high school in central Connecticut, look no further than Mercy High School. At Mercy, we make girls the center of learning. We encourage leadership growth and prepare young women for leadership roles in their adult lives. We help create a space where girls take center stage, get called on in class, get nominated for awards, and receive the support they need to excel. At Mercy, we strive to help our girls transform into young women while helping to serve their community. We offer a variety of outlets for our students, such as athletic teams, volunteeer opportunities, college preparatory programs, a wide selection of educational clubs and more!

Mercy is a place where each student can learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment. The faculty and staff foster and maintain an atmosphere where mutual respect is an expectation on the part of both students and adults. Mercy High School is an exceptional Catholic high school that fosters students from Hartford County, Middlesex County, and New Haven County, CT.  

Mercy shares experiences and opportunities for social and cultural activities with Xavier High School, an all-boys high school located nearby. Mercy High School is affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy and  Mercy Education System of the Americas.

The phrase The Circle of Mercy is Timeless  is more than a slogan - it describes what Mercy High School is all about. It speaks to who Mercy Women are, what they learn, and how they know - and to the heart of the Mercy experience. In the words of alumnae of the Class of 2010:

  • “Mercy is a community of women who know who they are and embrace their gifts and talents. They are poised, classy young women who follow in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley. Women of Mercy have goals and they know who they want to be. Guided by their heart and spirit, Mercy women are the leaders of today.”
  • “Mercy women know that it's not important whether or not you are the best athlete or first in your class but that you are the best person that you can be.”
  • “Mercy girls know that they deserve respect as women and individuals. We know never to let anyone look down on us or treat us in a way that disrespects our God-given dignity. The all-girls environment is the perfect place to learn these important lessons about self-value and self-respect before entering college and the larger world.”
  • “We know that Mercy is a second home and that the faculty and staff will always show compassion. We take pride in our education and our faith. We know Mercy will always have a spot in our hearts.”
  • “Mercy women know how to be themselves. We learn how to express ourselves and to accept other people for what they truly are. We develop good self-esteem and know how to respect others.”

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