Entrance Exam for the Class of 2025

Thank you for taking time to learn more about Mercy High School.  We are thrilled that you are interesed in applying!  The first step is to take our Entrance Exam.  The Entrance Exam will be administered virtually.  Please contact Mrs. Mary-Clare Wamester for upcoming dates.

To register, create an admissions account and complete the online application.  Your registration will only be complete once you finish the application form and submit the payment.   Please direct any questions to the Director of Admissions, Mrs. Mary-Clare Wamester. 

Please Note:  Mercy accommodates requests for extended time for students who qualify. 


Preparation for the test:

Students who feel the need to prepare for this test may consider using a study guide. Study guides are available from bookstores, online, or through local libraries.  Use the HSPT portion of the study guide (not the COOP or TACHS). Mercy does not advocate for, or against, the use of study guides.

Academic Scholarships:

Students who take the test at Mercy High School in November, with complete applications to Mercy (includes online application, records from current school, teacher recommendations and completion of the Entrance Exam), are eligible for Academic Scholarships based on test results.  Scholarship award recipients will be notified in December.