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Planning for the Future

Mercy High School has been guided by strategic plans since 1994. The most recent strategic plan was developed in September, 2011. Progress on the plan is updated and reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees.

Strategic Planning Goals 2011-2016

Goal 1: Mercy High School will provide a high quality, competitive, value-based academic program which prepares students for college.

Goal 2: Mercy High School will continue to attract and retain high quality administrators, faculty and staff members who are dedicated to the school’s mission and values, inspire young women to learn and excel, and are recognized for their achievements.

Goal 3: Mercy High School will develop and implement a comprehensive marketing program that defines and promotes the image, value and advantage of a Mercy education.

Goal 4: Mercy High School will secure financial support for delivery of curriculum and programs, increased financial aid and scholarships, and facility improvements.

Goal 5: Mercy High School will refine and prioritize its Master Plan for facilities to support academic, extra-curricular and athletic programs.