All Souls Day - Remembrance of the faithful departed

“It is therefore by being united to Jesus Christ that we will be united with each other.”
                          Mother Catherine McAuley


On November 2nd, All Souls Day,  the Catholic Church observes the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed. During the month of November, we remember our deceased loved ones in prayer at Mercy.

We invite you to send us the names of your loved ones so that they can be included in our month of prayer. The names of your loved ones will be placed in our Book of Remembrance and placed on the altar in chapel for the entire month of November to be remembered in prayer.
“We are formed by God for Himself alone, to be united with Him here, by love and fidelity; and hereafter by enjoyment and beatitude.      
                                                              Mother Catherine McAuley


“May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.”

Send us a prayer request:

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Prayers requested for:

  • Dana Mortenson Ray and Mary Fran Pleiness Harold and Rita Pleiness Lucy Pleiness Lyman and Mabel Fulton Requested by Barbara P Millet
  • Nicky Hribko Requested by Joanne Testa
  • Alice Hribko Requested by Joanne Testa
  • Jerry Terlecky, Amelia Andruskiewicz’s grandfather Requested by Tracy Andruskiewicz
  • Brendan Regan Requested by Kaitlyn Regan '17
  • Richard Patrick Byrnes Requested by Mary-Margaret Verdon
  • Richard Patrick Byrnes Requested by Mary-Margaret Verdon
  • Jeanne Marie Landman, Class of 1988 Requested by Barbara J. Landman
  • Jeanne Marie Landman, Class of 1988 Requested by Barbara J. Landman
  • Emily Bartosiak, Stephen Shumbo, Leonard Bartosiak, Nellie Bartosiak Requested by Betsy Bartosiak
  • John and Ruth Kelly Requested by Susan Kelly
  • Lorraine Schwartz Requested by Camille Gilarde
  • Michael F Sullivan Requested by Pat Sullivan
  • Cleasse Sullivan mother of Liz Sullivan class of 73 and Pat Sullivan class of 76. Recently passed away Requested by Sullivan Family
  • Jean and Peter S. Bysiewicz Requested by Catherine Bysiewicz-Cluen
  • Roberta Ryan Reverend Ambrose Donehue, O.F.M. Requested by Victoria Johnson
  • Rita Butler, Ted and Emma Hintz, Anne Peterson, Elizabeth Dillon, Frances Hebert Requested by Karen Lee
  • Mary Dinwoodie
  • Helen Rafferty Requested by Rachael Caggiano
  • James A. Currie Thaine Sanford Virginia C. Currie. Maxine Sanford Requested by Jane A. Currie Sanford
  • Normand and Grace Napert Requested by Diane Napert-Houle
  • Vincent Singarella Requested by Sabrina Singarella
  • Steven T. Holt Sr, Amos Holt, Maxine Holt Requested by Kristina Holt-Marchetti
  • Guilda and Ignacio Artaiz Requested by Rachael Caggiano
  • Harvey Hull Requested by The Dennis Family
  • Donna Meissner Requested by Emma Arelt
  • Thor Caspersen Richard Ludington Peggy and Doug Milhiem Gertrude Malbuisson Requested by Shanon Caspersen- Cirillo
  • Dr Gerald J Murphy, jr; John D Weaver; Rose Murphy; Dennis Murphy; James Sciortino Requested by The Weaver Family
  • Peter & Michele Kalousdian
  • John J. Williams Requested by Rachael Caggiano
  • John Giarolo and Kenneth Roode Requested by Nina Roode
  • Ronald & Josephine Angelo, Magdalena & Thomas DiLorenzo, Joseph Fontana, Marshall & Mary Naumann, Luca & Caterina Fontana, Nicholas & Julia Angelo Requested by Lynn Naumann
  • Marianne Smith Requested by Kristin Smith
  • Donna Maselli
  • Eugeniuz "Eugene" Beczak, Dave Czarnecki, Gerard "Jerry" Rigsby, and Carole Rinaldi Requested by Katherine Rigsby
  • Rita Mallon, Charles Mallon, Christine Edmondson, Henry Edmondson, Beatrice Smith Requested by Michele Sinatra
  • Sharon Leahy Patrick Dowd Joe Kochanek Jan Kochanek Requested by Meagan Ribera
  • Lorraine Mosk Requested by Joanne Testa
  • Josephine Hribko Requested by Joanne Testa
  • Lillian Tubino Requested by Joanne Testa
  • Nicholas Hribko Requested by Joanne Testa
  • Alice Hribko Requested by Joanne Testa
  • Mark Hershnik Requested by Jillian Fordyce
  • Joseph J. Rish, Sr. and Florence Denino Requested by Linda M. Rish-Colon
  • Alexander and Eleanor Suprin Requested by Melissa Suprin
  • Dorris K. Keally, Harry J. Keally, Paul Dow, Edward Dowgielewicz, Sally Dowgielewicz Requested by Rebecca Mead
  • Marie Levesque, Muriel McIntyre, Ruth McIntyre, Roberta and Eugene Riley, Catherine Maguire, Josephine & Robert McIntyre, Mary & Edward Jablonsky, Alice Paretti Requested by Kerry Arsenault
  • Herbert Herteux Magdalena Noack Requested by Tania Herteux Eaton
  • Paula Metz, Mary Metz, Raymond Metz Sr., James McMahan Requested by Cindy Harger
  • Edward J. Sedgwick Requested by Madison Sedgwick
  • Edward John Kalita Requested by Marie Kalita
  • Alfonsas Puslys Requested by Raymond Puslys
  • Genevieve & Louis Mendyk Requested by Nancy Puslys
  • Sebastian Airo Requested by Riccardo, Jackie & Avianna Airo
  • Lisa M. Kolodziej, William Mulhern, Margaret Cronin Kolodziej, Henry F. Kolodziej, Joan Mucker, John Mucker, Jim McCord, Pat McCord Requested by Mary Kolodziej
  • Stephen Woytowich, SR. Lena Woytowich Fred Johnson Requested by Shelby Johnson
  • Lena Cannata Kalita Requested by Marie Kalita