Seeing two alums between 5pm and 8am causes Sr. Mary to reflect.

Aug 15 2019

Dear Alumnae,

 I want to share with you two wonderful encounters with Mercy Alumnae over this past weekend, one at 5:00 pm and the other at 8:00 am. 

 The first was at a wedding, when an alumna introduced herself to me (I always appreciate you doing this on occasions when we meet because you often change in the years since you graduated, once I hear a name I remember!)  This former student came back later in the evening to chat.  She filled me in on her life since Mercy; after completing college and other advanced degrees, she is now working in the field of education with major responsibilities.  What touched me, as we talked, was her insistence that all these things happened because Mercy believed in her and challenged her at a low point in her high school career!

The second encounter was at Mass in the morning.  When we exchanged the handshake of peace, a more recent graduate turned around and recognized me.  We walked out together after Mass and she filled me in on her path since Mercy days.  She too, is an educator, who is carrying on the call of Catherine McAuley to the special work of educating the young!  She spoke so positively of her Mercy experience as well, preparing her for her future!

 Now both of these wonderful chance encounters were with alums in the field of education.  I am very much aware that there is not a profession open to women today, where there are not Mercy Alumnae!  You serve extensively, brilliantly and competently. 

 My chance meetings of alums can go on and on – it happens constantly, but for two such significant occasions to happen in less than 24 hours, I thought was worth calling to your attention!  Coincidentally, both of these alumnae promised to come back and to be involved at Mercy.  Sometimes it only takes an invitation, so consider yourself invited!

 What I am asking you to do, is to consider coming back to your Mercy roots – share your stories – relate your successes – serve as role models for our current students!

 Please give back to the school that gave you so much.  Bring your Mercy spirit, your compassion and your generosity.  We need all your gifts!  We need too, your financial donations to keep Mercy on the strong ground upon which it stands today.  Currently, there are over 8,000 Mercy of Middletown alumnae, you are one of them!  Imagine what a massive contribution it would be to your school and what a difference it would make in so many areas if each of you gave a donation of any amount.  

 I invite you to call me or to stop in to visit so we can discuss how you can play an active role in Mercy’s future!

 With my love and respect for all you are and all you accomplish,

                                                                                Sr. Mary


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