Announcement from the Alissa DeJonge '95 president of Mercy High School

Jul 8 2020





To the Mercy Parents and Families:

I hope you are having a happy and healthy summer. My name is Alissa DeJonge and I am honored to be serving as President of Mercy High School. As a proud alumna from the class of 1995 I am so thankful for what Mercy gave me - from my coursework to enriching my spiritual life to creating lifelong friendships and relationships. I look forward to sharing my story with you and hearing from you what you love about Mercy. I am also very thankful for the foundation and culture that Sister Mary set here and I plan to take those assets and build upon them.

Of course one of the challenges that we are all facing is managing the coronavirus. COVID-19 has upended our current ways of teaching and learning, yet our students and faculty have all shown resilience and flexibility. The Office of the Governor recently released guidelines on what learning inside a school building may look like in the Fall, so we are busy this summer figuring out the logistics of how this can happen. I have formed an internal COVID-19 management team that is meeting regularly to work out the logistics around what our school instruction looks like in the Fall. Our plan is to open on time and in the building while making virtual accommodations for those who desire them. The well-being of Mercy students and their families is of the utmost importance to us, and that is driving our logistics decisions. The CIAC, as of now, is scheduling fall athletics to begin on time and we will continue to look to them for guidance for all athletics. More details will be shared with you in the coming weeks around school instruction and athletics.

If during this summer or coming school year, you or your family make travel plans, please keep in mind the Connecticut travel regulations which would require a 14-day quarantine upon return if you visit certain areas. Please check this  link for a current listing of the states or areas that require a quarantine period.

I look forward to meeting you soon, whether in person or virtually. 




Alissa K. DeJonge ‘95