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Ep 17: Mo Finn And Broadcast Journalism Club

In this episode hosted by Mercy president Ms. Alissa DeJonge, Mo Finn, a 2009 graduate of Mercy, talks about her career as a broadcast journalist with Jessica Goduto '22 and Mairan Hall '23, who are two members of Mercy's Broadcast Journalism Club, Mo is an Emmy award winner and nominated a producer, writer, director, and editor who has worked at four Olympic and Paralympic Games and spent 8 years working solely in sports. She currently is a freelance journalist.

Ep 16: Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski '00 and Mercy's Math Team

On this episode of Tiger Talk, Emmy award winning meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski '00 joins Alissa DeJonge and Mercy's Math Team for a discussion on the importance of Math and Science in daily life. Representing the Math Team are Helen Yang '21 and Mrs. Maureen Wellman, moderator of the Math Team.

Ep 15: CT Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz and Mercy Student Council Officers

CT Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz joins Mercy High School's Student Activities Council and Ms. Alissa DeJonge for a conversation about what it means to be a female leader in government. Mercy's SAC Officers are: Ava Arcesi '21, Katherine Antico '21, Kayla Fordyce '21 and Kylie Fordyce '21.

Ep 14: Bryan Garcia of CT Green Bank

In this episode, Bryan Garcia, President and CEO of CT Green Bank, Sophia Engles '23, Julia Malz '23 , and Mercy's president Alissa DeJonge discuss green banking and other environmental topics.

Ep 13: Patrick Flaherty from the CT Department of Labor

In this episode, Patrick Flaherty from the Department of Labor joins Ms. Alissa DeJonge for a discussion on Connecticut's economy. Also joining in on the discussion are Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) members Lily Bigos '21 and Brooklyn Libera '23 as well as Maddie Thompson '21 and Julia Nadolski '23, who are students in Mercy Business and Personal Finance class.

Ep 12: Mercy Ambassadors

Ms. Alissa DeJonge '95, president of Mercy High school in Middletown CT, has a conversation with Mrs. Mary-Clare Wamester '97, who is Mercy's Director of Admissions. Also joining in on the conversation are Bella Bartolomei '21. Ashlyn Liedke '22, Mia Pugliares '23, and Sophia Franchi '24. The group discusses their experience coming into Mercy as Freshwomen and the transition into high school.

Ep 11: Students 4 Change and Alumnae Discuss Social Change

Mercy alumnae Sacha Armstrong-Crockett '95, Dr. Jada Waters '03 and Mallory Perry, PhD '10 join Ms. Alissa DeJonge '95, President of Mercy High School, to discuss important topics concerning social justice. Also joining the podcast are members of the Mercy Students 4 Change Club: Chanel Delgado '22, Guadalupe Corona-Sampedro '21, Jocelyn Santiago '21 and Ms. Amy Freeman, moderator of the Students 4 Change club.

Ep 10: Yale pediatric nurse Nicole Proto '16 and Medical Minds Club members

President Alissa DeJonge hosts a medical field centered podcast with alumna Nicole Proto '16, a pediatric nurse at Yale New Haven Health, and members of Mercy's Medical Minds Club. Delaney Boone '21, Kayla Fordyce '21, Kylie Fordyce '21 and Elisia Pagliuca '21 ask Nicole questions about her career path and her experience as a Mercy student.

Ep 9: Middletown Mayor Florsheim and AP Government Students

In this episode, Ms. Alissa DeJonge hosts a conversation with Middletown Mayor Ben Florsheim and Mercy High School AP Government students Elena Cahill '21, Lily Herron '21 and Jocelyn Santiago '21.

Ep 8: RJ Julia Bookstore and Mercy's Breakfast Book Club

Mercy High School President Alissa DeJonge has a conversation with Mercy Alumna Lori Fazio, Class of 1988, who is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of RJ Julia Booksellers. Julia Marotta '21 also joins in on the conversation and discusses Mercy's Breakfast Book Club. Julia is the foundress of Mercy's Breakfast Book Club.

Ep 7: Ecology Club Happenings

Mercy High School President Alissa DeJonge discusses important environmental issues with Mercy High School's Ecology Club. The Club also describes steps the Mercy community is taking to be more environmentally conscious.

Ep 6: Soccer, SCC Champs, Achievements of the season

Mercy High School's Soccer Team had an amazing year! In this episode, Ms. Alissa DeJonge has a discussion with Coach Marcus Harley and co-captain Kaila Lujambio '21 about the many achievements of the team this season.

Ep 5: Tiger Talk Music Creators

Do you enjoy our podcast’s delightful intro and outro music? This music was composed and performed by Mercy students! In this podcast, Ms. Alissa DeJonge has a conversation with students Abby Weaver ’21, Lily Herron’21, and Mrs. Sara Brugger, Music Director and Tri-M advisor, about the process of creating our podcast music. Also, learn about the Tri-M Society at Mercy High School.

Ep 4: Tiger Talk - Catching Up with Sister Mary

New President, Alissa DeJonge, catches up with Sister Mary McCarthy, Mercy High School's former president, to hear how she's enjoying retirement and learn some of her favorite Mercy High memories.

Ep 3: The 2020-2021 Mercy High School Student Activities Council

Even with COVID changing how Mercy High School runs, President Alissa DeJonge learns that the 2020-2021 Student Council leadership has fun and energizing activities planned!

Ep 2: Tiger Talk - Meeting the New Educators

In the second episode of Mercy High School's Tiger Talk, President Alissa DeJonge speaks with the newest Mercy High educators, and learns what they are looking forward to this year.

Ep 1: Welcome to the Mercy High School Tiger Talk Podcast

Welcome to Tiger Talk - the podcast of Mercy High School in Middletown, Connecticut. Tiger Talk is about everything Mercy High School - the students and what they are doing, interesting projects and ideas from faculty and staff, the Mercy High School alumnae and what they've been up to since graduation, the Sisters of Mercy, and leaders in the greater Mercy community.