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 May 26, 2020

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May 10, 2020

May 10 - 30 Calendar

May 1, 2020

Calendar Updates
May 8th -May Crowning Prayer Service (virtual in Advisor Group)
May 14 - Last day of classes for seniors
May 15 - Senior Appreciation Day!
(seniors only) 1-3 pm
May 21 - Class Night (Class of 2020) Virtual/Video 6 pm
May 22 - Last day of school
May 26 - Baccalaureate awards Virtual/Video 6 pm

April 12, 2020



April 3, 2020 

April calendar of classes (4/6 - 5/1)



Mercy Tiger Activity Challenge Video

April 1, 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

I hope you are all well and staying healthy!

Congratulations to the Mercy students for the way they are handling distance learning. Mercy education is proving its value of Excellence as we are ahead of the curve! I know how challenging these days are for all and I thank the Mercy faculty and staff for their dedication and commitment to our students. I congratulate so many students who are, in addition to attending classes, attending meetings and workshops, making videos to uplift spirits, sending cards and letters to the elderly in their places of residence and, in general, continuing to show their amazing and beautiful Mercy spirit! We continue, too, to welcome the Class of 2024, albeit virtually. This past week we held Mornings at Mercy and on Friday the Welcome Picnic will take place.

As far as cancellations, I think it best to keep 2-3 weeks ahead of events rather than go out much further. The Senior Prom at Aqua Turf is postponed for now since it was to be held in April. I have said to anyone who asks, especially the Seniors, that we will reschedule anything that can be rescheduled, even if it is during the summer!

On Holy Thursday we will have a short prayer service which the entire school community will participate in through Advisor Group. Parents, feel free to join us that morning at 8:30 am. The rest of that day is free as will be Good Friday and Easter Monday. On Easter Tuesday we will resume with Day 3 and then Days 4, 5 and 1. The following Monday will be Day 1 again so as to get on a week schedule of Days 1-5, as many faculty and students requested.

The Maintenance staff have kept the Mercy building not only as clean as always but sanitized! The school is, of course, closed with access extremely limited.

Thank you so much for the support you have shown. Let us, the entire Mercy Community, continue to hold in our thoughts and prayers all those who have been affected by this virus.


Gratefully in Mercy,

Sr. Mary



March 24, 2020

Dear Students and Parents, 


As we navigate this new temporary “normal,” we want to reach out to you to let you know what the School Counselors are doing, and how we will continue to support all of you during this time. It certainly is unchartered territories for all of us, and one day we will be talking to our children and grandchildren about what they will be reading in history books.  


First, to our students, we need you to know that we miss you! All of us become educators because we love working with you, the students. While we may not be able to see each other in person, we are still here wanting to support you and to let you know that it will be okay. It is okay! We just need to get through the storm... and we will do that together! 


Seniors... we know that this is not what you envisioned your senior year to be. For that, we are sorry! This certainly isn’t fair, but you will be celebrated for all your accomplishments and contributions to your beloved high school. As you continue your high school academics, we know that many of you are still unsure of where you will attend college next year. The counselors have been keeping up with how this affects you and college admissions/commitments. This Thursday and Friday, during your theology class, the counselors will be “guest speakers” to share with you what we know and to answer your questions and hopefully calm your fears. Please make sure that you are present for class – attendance will be taken, and we can’t wait to see you! 


Juniors... we also know that you are probably a little lost right now with the college process. The cancellation of March and May SATs, and the cancellation of the April ACT have many students in a panic. Fear not, Mercy is a site in June for both the SAT and ACT. College Board and ACT are working to add testing sites for those dates in case sites fill up, although we are confident that you can all take it at Mercy. Make sure that you register online. There are summer and fall dates, too. And remember, many colleges are test optional. You will be fine, and we will support you through it. Although we have not scheduled it yet, the counselors will also be “guest speakers” in one of your classes. We will also schedule an “online” Common Application class to help you create your Common App account and learn how to fill it out. Stay tuned for those dates! 


Sophomores... while sometimes it may feel like there is not much going on for you, we want you to know that you are never forgotten. During this time, embrace your online learning. We will also schedule a time to meet with all of you 

Freshwomen... you will certainly never forget your first year of high school. While freshwomen year is a big transition, you are gaining invaluable skills that will carry you throughout high school and beyond. What an education you are getting! We will also be visiting you in the “classroom” to do some fun assessments and to show you how to start your resumé in Naviance. 


Everyone... we know that this time is not fun, it is no

t easy, but you are all doing GREAT! Please know that if you are overwhelmed with online learning or life in general, that we are here, and we can help. We will help! Our job is to support students, and we all love our jobs. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your counselor.  


Mrs. Marla Buono, 

Freshwomen (2023) ... A-G 

Sophomores (2022) ... A-E                   

Juniors (2021) … A-C            

Seniors (2020) … A-F 


Mrs. Sylvia Mogensen, 

Freshwomen (2023) … H-M 

Sophomores (2022) ... F-O 

Juniors (2021) ... D-L                 

Seniors (2020) … G-PA   


Mrs. Kelly Brookhart, 

Freshwomen (Class of 2023) … N-W 

Sophomores (2022) ... P-Z 

Juniors (2021) … M-Z                     

Seniors (2020) … PE-Z 


Remember to take care of yourselves, emotionally and physically. Stay connected with friends, teachers, counselors, or whoever you need to. Be kind to your parents and siblingsthis is a tough time for everyone. We can’t wait to see you online but really can’t wait to see you again in the halls and classes at Mercy.  


Be well, Mercy students! We will see you very soon! 


The School Counseling Department 








March 23, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians, 
As you probably realize, the governor’s announcement made it clear that school buildings will remain closed until
April 22, 2020 unless he pushes that date back or extends it. Mercy High will be closed until that date. I realize that this will affect some significant events planned. I can assure you that we will certainly reschedule any event that can be rescheduled.   
We have decided to continue to hold classes during the spring break (Monday, April 13 – Friday, April 17.) On Holy Thursday we are planning a school-wide prayer service. Plans will be forthcoming. On Good Friday, no Advisor Group, no classes will be held.  
Click here for the updated calendar and class schedule through April 22, 2020.
On a positive note, the remote learning is progressing very well. Congratulations to the faculty and students who continue to be actively engaged in classes.  
You will receive regular communications from us. We have created a page on our website that includes all communication, calendar/class schedules and information on remote learning and COVID 19. The link is on the homepage of the website. Click here to view the page.
Below are links and information to assist you and your family through this pandemic. 
Let us continue to pray for a speedy recovery for those who are ill. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
In Mercy,
Sr. Mary
If you have not completed the MESA survey, please do so by Wednesday, March 25th. Thank you.


March - April Remote Learning Calendar 

March 22, 2020


March 13, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Mercy will be closed the weeks of March 16th and March 23rd.  We anticipate that regular classes will resume on March 30th. During this period classes will be held remotely via the Microsoft Teams application. I assure you that our teachers are well prepared to teach in this manner and our students have been prepared as well. As always, the teachers and staff are available, although remotely, for your daughters. Please inform your daughters, since some have already asked, uniforms are not required! We are hoping to do our best to stay connected. Every day there will be attendance, morning prayer and announcements. There will also be periodic fun announcements from the SAC officers. Personally, I look forward to keeping in touch with my Advisor Group every day.

The schedule (see below) begins with  Day 1 on Tuesday, March 17th. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

As you already know, all activities and events previously scheduled have been cancelled during this period. There will not be any access to the building.

During these challenging days, let us keep in our prayers and thoughts all those affected in any way.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

In Mercy,


S. Mary

Remote Learning Schedule March 17 - March 27th