The All Girls High School Advantage

Mercy High School is all about girls! The top scholars, the school leaders, the class officers, the student-athletes, the peer ministers - all girls! The first students called on in the class, those nominated for awards, the ones receiving the extra support needed to succeed - all girls!

Read what the experts say about the value of an All Girls Academic Environment:

“Single-sex schools are designed to make girls the center of learning, leadership growth and opportunity. Taking leadership positions in high school helps prepare young women for leadership in their adult lives. Colleges and universities are eager to recruit students who have proven they can lead others. In the workplace, leadership is essential for promotion… It is crucial that young women be given as many opportunities as possible to become leaders.”

Source: Educating Our Daughters by Anita M. Reznicek and Faith P. Wilson, Ph.D. Published by St. Teresa's Press, Kansas City, Missouri, 2003

“At girl's schools, we believe that single-sex education is not merely a matter of separating girls and boys. It's about making sure girls take center stage, while drawing upon all that we know about the way they grow and learn. It's not just the classroom. It's the combination of the community, the culture and the climate girls' schools offer that makes all-girl education such a powerful and transformative experience.”

Source: Benefits of Attending a Girls' School: What the Research Shows National Coalition of Girls' Schools Website, July, 2010

“…all girls' schools, whether independent or Catholic-affiliated, produce graduates who enter college slightly more academically and politically engaged than women from similar backgrounds who attended coeducational private schools. Additional benefits are found specifically within the Catholic school sector, where attendance at an all-girls' school enhances students' scientific orientation (especially for Latinas), predicts higher SAT scores, and promotes an orientation towards college that is more educationally-motivated and less economically-motivated than is found among female graduates of Catholic co-educational schools.”


At Mercy High School, the staff and administration make girls the center of learning and help them realize their strengths as a woman in today’s diverse society. While at our private high school, we help create a space where girls take center stage. It's a place where girls get called on in class, where girls get nominated for awards, and where girls are given the support they need to excel through college preparatory programs. Our top-rated high school encourages leadership and helps prepare young women for leadership roles they may take on in their adult lives. 

We offer a variety of outlets for students at our Catholic high school including volunteer opportunities, college preparatory programs, a wide selection of educational clubs, and more. We help transform our girls into strong young women, ready to serve their community. Join our school today to develop the ability to communicate effectively, think critically and learn independently, as well as develop an appreciation and respect for yourself in a safe and nourishing environment. Contact us today!


Source: Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools: Differences in their Characteristics and the Transition to College by: Linda J. Sax, Ph.D. Published by The Sudikoff Family Institute for Education & New Media and UCLA Graduate Study of Education & Information Studies, March 2009